You can put out the catering of your party or event completely or partly to us.

For the culinairy part you can make a choice out of the following options and we have different possibilities to decorate your location.
My professional catering staff will make sure that everything will be taken care of.

Amuses and Appetizers catering
A selection of refined amuses and/or appetizers, served on silver trays.

Walking Dinner catering
A delicious 6-or 7 course dinner, presented on small plates or in glasses, while you are standing, sitting or walking.

Buffet catering
A selection of different cold and warm dishes, nicely set on decorative dishes.

Various beveridge packages.

In a tender without engagment we can work out your wishes for your private catering party.

Or you can have a beautiful dinner in my Private Dining in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid.